GTA 6 – The beginning

Rockstar Games the company responsible for producing AAA titles like Red Dead Redemption and Max Payne might have come up with the 6th edition of its cult-classic Grand Theft Auto game.

This would be the natural successor of the Grand Theft Auto V that was released back in the year 2013.

Along with the single and multiplayer options, the GTA 6 download version may also introduce inter-country travel, which are speculated to be Vice city (Miami) and Columbia.

pilot standing in gta 6 giving out gta vice city vibes for gta 6 download

Grand Theft Auto is currently enjoying its mammoth success on GTA Online and GTA 5 which GTA enthusiasts completely embraced. This might probably be the reason why GTA 6 was delayed to this extend.

Also, we know that Xbox Series X and PS5 is set to go public in the near future. With the next-generation consoles on their way, it is highly anticipated that GTA 6 can make use of the architecture and seems like a great time to release the game.

Although, Rockstar games have kept silent when interviewed them about the upcoming launch of the latest Grand Theft Auto version 6 game release. But we anticipate that the launch would be very soon and pretty exciting.

We are GTA enthusiasts ourselves and this page was created only for the love of the game. Keep reading the article till the end and we will let you everything about the game from start till the end so that you don’t have to switch anywhere else.

What to and What not to expect from GTA 6 Download?

After hours of crawling different sources like Quora, Reddit and Youtube community leaks we have come up with an exclusive list of updates that might see the light of the day.

GTA 6 and Project Americas

The Grand Theft Auto 6 has been speculated to be given the code name ‘Project Americas’.

Months ago a Redditor spotted some out of the ordinary files on the PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2. However till date no link has been found which connects Project Americas to GTA 6 other than the fact that the Rockstar explicitly saying the future additions to the GTA series will never leave America.

Redditors caught on to this fact immediately which led everyone to believe, Project Americas is infact the codename for GTA 6.

rockstar cryptic logo project americas

GTA 6 Protagonist and possible map locations

Despite many leaks and rumours about the protagonists in the game, It is speculated that unlike GTA 5, Grand Theft Auto 6 download will only be limited to one playable character.

Many Youtubers like MrBossFTW speculated that the main protagonist would be female. I personally think that would not be a good move for Rockstar, because thats not what GTA is about and I think many GTA enthusiast will also relate to this fact.

Grand theft Auto series have experimented with many criminal scenarios for their protagonists to be in. A Redditor who goes by the name u/CitizenWolfie posted a rather interesting theory about how the 3 characters of GTA 5 represented all generations of GTA.

last supper of rockstar franchise all gta characters

Trevor Phillips: Trevor is the crazy, unhinged, old school maniac of the trio. He represents the original, top-down games from GTA1 to GTA2. Those games were all about the thrill of running wild in an open city and featured a cast of wacky characters to interact with. Trevor is a throwback to these games, even to the point of having his very own rampage missions similar to the “Kill Frenzy” side-missions of old and even his special skill of invincibility reflects that feeling you get when you play those old games. He’s angry, brutal and butt-ugly, much like those first few games. Sure, they both have their story missions, but really it’s all about having fun.

Franklin Clinton: Franklin’s story is the fairly typical rags-to-riches story that was a common theme in the PS2 generation GTA games spanning GTA3, Vice City and particularly San Andreas. We see a good natured guy who wants to rise above his position in life and move beyond his deadbeat friends who are holding him back. And when he is introduced to a successful career criminal, it’s his key to making a better life for himself at the risk of pulling off bigger and more bad crimes.

This theme is similar throughout the above games, though as mentioned Franklin is most similar to CJ from San Andreas, right down to living in a crappy area at the start to getting hold of a mansion in the hills. It’s interesting too that Franklin’s special skill is driving – one of the main focuses of the PS2-gen games.

Michael De Santa: Michael is almost a postmodern GTA character – the aftermath of the “GTA lifestyle;” a man who has risen from the bottom and done it all in the criminal world, done some terrible things in the past and is trying really hard to change his ways only to find that things aren’t always so easy. 

Michael represents the “new” GTA that was started from GTAIV (and DLC stories) – a focus on story-driven, multi-faceted characters who are struggling to make amends in an environment that moves too fast. IV’s Niko, while certainly not starting from the top, is nevertheless making a new start in Liberty City, but thanks to his idiotic family and criminal connections can’t quite stay out of trouble. 

Both men find that it’s impossible for their loved ones not to end up staring down the barrel of a gun at some point and it’s interesting to note that Michael’s shooting skill mirrors the more gun-based gameplay of IV and V. And on a purely superficial level, both games feature some awesome heists. Likewise, the GTAIV add-ons feature protagonists who have done most of their criminal work long before their stories begin and are just trying to survive in a changing world.

u/Citizen Wolfie

 Taking this into account It is expected that the game will deal with smuggling drugs from the Vice City and different parts of the South American continent, possibly Colombia. Another possible link to this theory can be established if we examine a site registered under the domain grandtheftauto6 [dot] net redirected to a Youtube video of VICE. The video can be accessed by scanning the barcode above.

Hovewer as of March 23, 2020 the page currently redirects to a new youtube video. 

The GTA Vice city revolved around a protagonist who worked his way up to the top and form a drug empire, but this time it will be much bigger and much better. We are talking like a narcos style vibe and maybe just maybe a modern day Miami.

So how much better can  gamers expect?

If you were around when GTA 5 came , you probably now how advanced it was for the time. The graphics have aged well and is stilling putting up with modern standards. Taking this into account, obviously GTA 6 would be massive interms of gameplay and map size which we will talk about later on.

gta 6 concept map

History of GTA and the Release Date Theory

Having a closer look at the table, it is clearly noticeble that the newer HD universe games like GTA 4 and GTA 5 took around 2 years from the announcement for Rockstar to release the game. GTA 6 will also follow suit, if the trailer or any kind of announcement comes from their part, we can expect a release in around 2022.

GTA 301/02/200122/10/2001
GTA Vice City01/05/200229/10/2002
GTA San Andreas01/03/200426/10/2004
GTA IV10/05/200629/04/2008
GTA:The Lost and the Damned20/11/200817/02/2009
GTA: Ballad of Gay Tony26/05/200926/10/2009
GTA V03/11/201117/09/2013
Rockstar release date infographics

Infographic by: u/LibertyWalk420

Many GTA forum members are speculating a specific date for release. Rumours started to pick up pace after a user called gonnaenodaethat on GTA forums started posting cryptic messages.

This leaker had a track record of predicting the release of RDR2 correctly, which made this leak stand out amongst the huge amount of fake leaks floating around.

gta 6 cryptic meme posted on gta forum
blow the man down gta cryptic leak

As you can see above Redditors and the GTA community members started to analyse this cryptic message and ultimately everyone agreed that the game will indeed release on 25 March, with an acknowledgement from Rockstar like a profile picture change on their social media handles, just like they did with RDR2 and GTA 5 release.

Till now Rockstar has remained silent although one peculiar thing happened on the 20th of March.

Popular songwriter and Musician The Weeknd released a new Album. Why should I be excited about this?

A couple of days ago The Weeknd released a teaser of his video which included a silver robot statue similar to an artwork Rockstar posted a week ago on their website for no good reason.

Another fact that struck us is that on his album there is a song named ‘Escape from LA’ .What is interesting is that GTA 5 was based on LA.Also a person among Weeknd’s camp posted a photo posing with the statue. The post came with a caption “Let the games begin”

What game are they talking about?

Is Rockstar subtly giving us hints about their next big release? We cant agree more. 

gta 6 leaks weeknd

Following the trends of GTA 4 and GTA 5, we have observed that eventually all of them made their way to the PC and therefore we expect the same with GTA 6 download.

Having taken so much of time in its development and amount of research and development cost, we hope that GTA 6 download will also be available for PC along with android and iOS versions of the game. Although chances of this happening are slim.

Rumours and features to know before you download gta 6

There have been lot of speculation and rumour floating around the community some of the believable and some which we believe will be good additions to the list of feature expected from GTA 6 are listed below.

  • You cannot carry all the weapons therefore you can either store it in your car trunk or wear some of them. One of the many features that are observable in Red Dead Redemption might also make a GTA debut.
  • The body armour that used to appear invisible when you wear may be no longer invisible. The new version will make the body armour completely visible that makes the game more realistic.
  • Next rumour is rather a small feature which deals with the main language of the game. Whenever you are in Vice City you will experience a proper mix of languages but if you are in the Southern part of America then, don’t expect too much of English.
  • With the launch of next generation consoles like Xbox series x and PS5 ,the game will take full advantage of the next gen hardware.
xbox series x logo for gta support
ps5 support for gta 6 download
  • Rockstar games are always trending and they keep on trying and testing many pilot projects like Bully 2 etc. But as per reports, all the developers are completely focused on developing GTA and therefore when it gets released you can get GTA 6 download link on our portal .
  • The Grand Theft Auto is still in alpha or beta phase and therefore it is subjective to change when it comes to name, place or location of the game.
  • Although there has not been any announcement of the game release date it is quite expected that the game might get released around the year 2022 as Rockstar takes at least 2 years after the game’s trailer release to actually release the game itself. Taking all rumors into account if the GTA 6 trailer is in the cards then definitely by 2022 Rockstar will make the GTA 6 download available.

Rockstar production is always looking for developing innovative solutions to its users and this time they have completely focused on “open world” concept. That is the game is going to have a massive map which may also connect many cities of the past GTA series.

 As per the President of Rockstar productions, they have already sorted out the vision for next 50 years for the game including the features they have added, the benefits they will provide to the gamers.

Lesser Known and Bizzare rumours to know before you download gta 6

There is a list of rumours associated with the GTA 6 download and we have tried to list down the most credible ones for you in this comprehensive list.

  1. A Revolutionary Plot and Story: GTA always sets new benchmarks in the gaming industry. Having said that, it is believed by many GTA players that the GTA 6 will include the option of time period switching.That is your player will have three stages of their lives lets say in the 80s 90s and modern day. And the decisions you take in the past will directly affect your future. This is a bit complex but not a bad idea.The information must be took with a grain of salt However, the main source of the rumour comes from a detailed report published by ChristanToday news channel. Rockstar has always tried to include out of the ordinary elements in their games like UFOs and stuff,so an option like this wouldn’t be that surprising. GTA always focuses to bring out realistic gaming experience. The game has never seen switching time zones or any parallel universe and therefore we doubt the credibility of the information.
  2. Grand Theft Auto Set Across the Borders of the United States: Many GTA fans are postulating that the Grand Theft auto will be covering all the cities from past GTA editions. Many YouTubers and bloggers have suggested that the game can bring all the US boundaries together and people can feel more involved in the game. The game already has several cities like the Liberty city or the Vice City. Therefore, the developers might want to increase the scope and potential of the game.
  3. The way back to the city of London: If you have done a little research about Rockstar Productions, then you would be well aware that there might be a high possibility that they would want to set the game zone just outside their doorstep. What we think is that the Rockstar productions have a great history with the UK especially with London and therefore there is a possibility of inclusion of London.
  4. GTA in the city of Tokyo: Several years back the entire GTA team visited Tokyo as a destination location and this has been therefore assumed by many GTA enthusiasts that they might be planning to enter into the city of Tokyo. GTA 6 download will, therefore, have the feature of travel to Tokyo city which will be very out of the box if included. If GTA team is planning to move away from the US then that would be a piece of very big news, however, the possibility of happening something like this is very rare.

GTA 6 Download for Android and IOS

There are many scams out there trying to lure you into downloading viruses and malware claiming to provide a link to download GTA 6 for Android and iOS devices.

As of now Rockstar has no plans to port any GTA series of the HD universe to mobile phones.

Hovewer a point to be noted is that Rockstar came up with Android & iOS version of the cult classic GTA Vice city on its 10th aniversary. We know that GTA 5 is also about to complete its aniversary around 2023. So a mobile version for GTA 5 & GTA 6 download might just be in the cards. 

If anything of that sort happens, the below link will be activated.

gta 6 download for android and ios


Final Verdict for Gta 6 Download

Well, if we connect all the dots and try to solve the puzzle we can conclude that GTA 6 or  any other some major title will definitely launch in the year 2022 and will make use of the potential which next gen hardware offers us.

GTA 6 will be 10x more adventurous than GTA online and will take the gamers on a completely new platform which will be no less than a hell of an experience.

Also, there is a high amount of possibility that the game will be launched in single mode, the multiplayer online mode in addition to the hybrid model which is completely new for the gaming world.

If you want to do the digging on your on, here are some resouces which will give you a headstart.


GTA Forum:

Reddit: r/GTA6


The below post is from u/bozidarilic who helped the GTA 6 community to jot down all the points and relevant links to all rumours that have been floating around on the internet. Feel free to give this a go.

Last few months were turbulent, could be possible proof that we are very close to the announcement.

Comparing last 6 months with previous periods (from 2018 to 2019), it is obvious that we are getting more interesting information that could be legit and could indicate that **something is boiling**. I decided to collect all info in the last few months and present it in this one post.

GTA 6 Download Official Full Version [Android, IOS and PC ]

Along with the single and multiplayer options, the GTA 6 download version may also introduce inter-country travel, which are speculated to be Vice city (Miami) and Columbia.

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